Drugs/Alcohol & Vulnerable Young People (Looked After & Foster Care)

Course Overview

Use of alcohol and/or experimentation with drugs is part of normal growing up for many young people. Looked after young people may be particularly vulnerable to problematic drug and alcohol use. In order to help minimise the risks to young people’s welfare; care home staff, foster carers and Social Workers need to feel informed about the facts and supported by other people working with the child in their care.

Drug and alcohol misuse pose a significant risk to a young person’s physical and psychological health and development. In particular the adolescent brain is known to be particularly susceptible to alcohol.

This course will provide practical information to care home staff, foster carers and Social Workers on current drug trends and how to provide advice and support and appropriate interventions to young people in their care.

Learning Objectives

  • To explore how and why patterns of drug use are changing.
  • Examine why certain young people are more vulnerable to use
  • To identify particular substances and signs of their use.
  • To gain an understanding of the impact of parental drug misuse on their children.
  • To clarify the legal position for foster carers with regard to drug use on their premises.
  • To understand the good practice guidelines in relation to advising and supporting a young person who may be using drugs.
  • To understand where further help, information and advice is available.

Course Materials

Each participant will receive access to a password protected web page that contains course information, drugs education resources, a downloadable Certificate of Attendance and all the course content and other related media and content.

Course duration: 1 Day or a condensed session of 1/2 day dependent upon your needs

DANOS Competencies: AA1, AB2, AD1, AB7, HSC335, HSC33