Drugs in the Workplace

Employers, Managers and HR staff are in a unique position to support individuals and tackle drug and alcohol use in the UK.

Due to the length of time spent in the workplace, managers, and colleagues are well placed to spot and provide help to vulnerable employees and manage an issue before it becomes a problem.

It is imperative that managers understand substance misuse, the ways in which it can both be prevented and managed before presenting as a problem. Employers must be aware of their legal responsibilities. It is vital that organisations remain updated and understand what substance misuse looks like today in the UK and beyond.

The 1 day training course will give an overview of;

  • The current landscape – trends, key drugs, routes of supply
  • Interventions – how can we help?
  • High risk implications – how drug use can impact on employees capacity to work safely/effectively
  • Support vs Punishment – how should we react?

This training also covers

  • Early intervention – Learn how to identify the symptoms of an employee while they are under the influence
  • Workplace testing – potential benefits and drawbacks. Is this the right approach for your organisation?
  • Behavioral Impact – Carelessness and risk taking, declining performance, failure to follow rules, policies, and safety procedures
  • The Importance of a drug and alcohol Policy –  Having a strong policy in place can be a useful tool to aid identification, prevention and employee support
  • Documenting problems of potential drug use – there are legal obligations to the employer when drug use occurs on company property or injuries occur during a workplace accident. The training will assist you to review the major areas of statutory and civil liabilities that may require employers to take action to address use and maintain a safe and supportive workplace
  • Preventative Measures – A successful programme of prevention  relies on a robust recruitment process and well-communicated policies.