Cannabis: Understanding & Working with Use

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Course Overview

The number of young people presenting to treatment services with cannabis problems has been increasing since 2005-06, and recent drug treatment statistics indicate that seventy one per cent (71%) of young people presenting to support services were primary cannabis users; and  a further 14% of young people were using cannabis as an adjunctive (secondary or tertiary) substance.(Public Health England 2015)

This one day course aims to provide an overarching and comprehensive overview of up to date and current research relating to cannabis use in the U.K. The course will explore the changing patterns of cannabis use, and will look at the latest medical research in relation to associated physical and mental health issues, as well as working with attendees to build upon or develop skills around best practice interventions designed to help those who are using cannabis in a habitual and/or problematic way.

The course is suitable for all staff who require up to date information on cannabis issues and how to work with clients who may be using.

Learning objectives

  • To explore the history, production and popularity of cannabis.
  • To examine the mechanisms of action of cannabis on the brain.
  • To clarify the legal issues associated with cannabis use and supply – particularly on premises.
  • To clarify the links between the use of cannabis and the development of mental health problems for some users.
  • To explore the issues associated with the emergence of synthetic cannabinoid products such as ‘Spice’ and ‘Mamba’.
  • To help delegates develop a clear understanding of how to most effectively assist those clients who wish to stop using cannabis.

Danos Competencies

AA1 – Recognise indications of substance misuse and refer individuals to specialists

AB2 – Support individuals who are substance users

AC1 – Reflect on and develop your practice

AA4- Promote the equality, diversity, rights and responsibilities of individuals

AA6 – Promote choice, wellbeing and the protection of all individuals