An Introduction to Identifying and Working with Male Victims of Domestic Abuse

Course Overview

This half day course is delivered by a qualified, experienced practitioner who works in the domestic abuse field with male victims. It will give attendees an insight into the unique experiences of male victims (16+) of domestic abuse and the barriers that this minority group faces in recognizing they are experiencing abuse and accessing help.

Learning Objectives

To explore:

  • What domestic abuse is
  • Male victim’s experience of domestic abuse and how it differs to women’s
  • Myths around domestic abuse and male victims
  • Our assumptions about male victims
  • How workers can identify and respond appropriately to male victims
  • What further help, information and advice are available

Target audience:

Practitioners working in generic services such as health and social services who may come across male victims of domestic abuse and want to improve how they respond.

Practitioners who work specifically with men in contexts where they may disclose experiences of domestic abuse, such as mental health, substance misuse, relationship counselling.