Safer Injecting & harm Reduction

This course provides essential harm reduction information for those working with and advising injecting drug users. It will explore the issues faced when using many of the favoured injecting sites around the body; looking at what can and does go wrong and the appropriate response when faced with these issues.
  • The aim of the course is to reduce the many potential risks of injecting substances; including NPS and Heroin; and will examine the specific risks of preparing, sharing and injecting drugs.
  • This course will enable attendees to advise injectors in order to protect their health, examine their preparation and administration practices in order to make affect positive change in their behaviour.
  • The training utilizes up-to-date information around the reduction of personal risk and potential illness or death that new and emerging compounds can pose; and the increased risk of overdose that the injecting of drugs can bring.
  • Delegates will be given the opportunity to practically follow the safest possible process and prepare an injectable solution in a way that will reduce harm and risk to the user; giving insight into the difficulties faced by those with limited access to sterile environments and limited equipment.

DANOS Competencies: AA2, AA3, AA4, AB2, AB5, AF2, AH3, AH4